Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TestBag's Test Simulator - The Final Plunge

With the test simulator, a summative assessment system, one can take the final plunge! You can prepare yourself for one or several challenges in the real world and prepare yourself for the entrance , recruitment and professional tests. The tests are available in four categories – medical, engineering, management, computer courses, and public service exams .
Practice makes man perfect and just the fact that a candidate can prepare for more than one institute or board exam gives the person a head start in self-assurance, confidence and skill. It is really a wonderful way to build awareness – since now the candidate has a wide variety of sub-categories and challenges to choose from. For instance, if you want to take the medical entrance, you can have a look at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Test papers, the AFMC tests papers or the secondary board exams .
Again, you could go level-wise or subject wise. For instance, in the Civil Services, you could look at the preliminary exams or the subject topics.
Alternately, you could look at model tests in chemistry, physics and other subjects at the AIEEE tests.
Given the temperament of the candidate, she can either choose to start practice by solving question papers of the previous years or take mock tests based on old test papers. Yet others might move a step ahead and raise the level of complexity and challenge by solving question papers created by experts who have analysed the pattern of questioning of the previous years and formulated these tests on the basis of their observation taking different parameters into consideration, for instance the emphasis on topics, and guide the students through these tests to concentrate on aspects that need to be dealt with in detail in the syllabi .
The most interesting aspect of this section is however the independence of choice given to the candidate to simulate mock tests and the unique feature here is that these tests can be created randomly and instantaneously. This is yet another step in facilitating independent learning and self-assurance.
The benefits of this module are only too palpable. It makes for a more positive enforcement of an attitude to competitive exam. It is possible that the candidate will understand that excellence is just a wonderful combination of building up of awareness, discipline, purpose, clarity and sustained practice and aspiration. And that finally, it is upto him to exercise that will to do it, for he ceratinly has, in the test bag the perfect tool for actualisation.

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