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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How to Crack CAT Exam Successfully

CAT is the most popular competitive entrance examination in India for MBA admission. Every years more than 2 lakh student apply for CAT entrance examination. So its simple answer there is not any shortcut for cracking CAT entrance examination successfully and to get high score easily. Its requires proper preparation strategy with some standard study rule. There are some well defined rule applicable for every entrance exam. 

Analysis – The first step analyze your strength and weakness on the basis of exam syllabus and pattern. There are major three section that are present in CAT entrance examination.

  1. ·         Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  2. ·         Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
  3. ·         Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VRC)

First read syllabus all these section, prepare a list of topics and sub-topics and classified them into three categories strong, medium and weak. Its means shootout your strongest and weakest areas. Prefer 2-3 previous question paper and solve firstly without any help to understand your weakest and strongest points to check your personal confidence level with a particular topic to arrive at your true skill levels in that area.

Action - Once you are done the analysis according exam syllabus and pattern, you require to know what you need to do for all topic. The physically powerful areas require daily revision and practice, the middling ones need a revisit of the concepts and the weak areas need extra time and attention the proper time management and accuracy. Keep in mind that simply solving tests would be of no use if you are not clear with the concepts.

Regular Practice and Planning - The final ans key points for your CAT entrance exam preparation is study, study and study and without study and practice you never crack your entrance exam successfully. Practice on regular basis around 10-12 hours daily.

Friday, August 31, 2018

CAT Last Minute Preparation Tips

Create positive environment around yourself and avoid negativity and disturbance. Watch motivational movies to refresh your mind. Take a proper sleep of 6-8 hours. Don’t prefer late night sleeping and wake up earlier. Try to avoid junk food and outside food, prefer only home made food and salad.

Take 1-2 maximum length CAT online mock test on same timing of exam, sit in properly way like examination hall. Follow same routine that you follow during exam in examination hall. Don’t count marks of CAT mock test just count how many mistake, which topics you do you during CAT online test series. It’s give you exact idea about your weakness and strength.

Set same pattern according CAT main exam and pattern during CAT online mock test with negative marking. In last time prepare only these topic where you can mistake during CAT mock test. Don’t waste your time on new topics and book in last some day of exam. Practice some and solve previous years question paper in same duration according standard.

Monday, August 13, 2018

CAT 2018 Preparation Strategy

CAT is one of the most competitive entrance exams in India and more 2.4 lakh students compete for 4000 seats in IIMs. And the number of student enrollment form for admission in IIMs is increase year by years. So, competition is high for CAT entrance exams. Thus proper strategy, time frame is required for cracking CAT entrance examination. There are some tips for CAT entrance examination.

CAT Mock Test
CAT Test Series

  1. The first step is collecting all the relevant study material according CAT syllabus. Join a coaching center, online mock test, online test series, as they can help for cracking your CAT entrance examination. 
  2. Start by learning the concepts of each and every topic including class 9 to 12 syllabus that contain logical reasoning, English, mathematics etc. 
  3. Practice with a timer and do not use calculator, especially while practicing Data Interpretation. 
  4. Practice each topic properly not verbally. This will help in assessing your strengths and weakness. 
  5. Instead of solving 100 questions of one type, solve 20 questions of 20 types from each topic. 
  6. Make a list of your strong and weak areas. In the initial stage, put emphasis strengthening your weak areas. 
  7. Start taking mocks as early as possible. Don’t be disheartened if you score less. Mocks are for you to recognize the areas you need to put more efforts in. 
  8. Analyze each mock you take. The more mocks you take the better strategy you will be able to form. It is recommended to take minimum 1 and maximum 3 mocks in a week. 
  9. Once you finish the entire syllabus, focus primarily on mocks and sectional tests. 
  10. In the final 2 months, do not prepare for any new topics. Work on strengthening the ones you are good at. 
  11. Attempt previous years’ CAT question papers. Question papers from 1990-2016 are easily available for the purpose. 
  12. Take adequate breaks, and get enough sleep while preparing for CAT. Many students sleep late night and awake mid of day. So at that condition our mind not works properly.

Monday, August 6, 2018

CAT free Online Mock Test Series

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