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Friday, October 5, 2018

IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips

Only hard work, dedication and smart preparation plan can fulfill your dream. Here I am sharing some preparation tips for cracking IBPS clerk exam successfully.


  1. Remember that Prelims’ mark doesn’t count for the final scores during IBPS selections. It is purely for filtering out purpose. So, don’t waste your time preparing for all the topics. Prepare strategically.
  2. The marks of mains and GD/interview counts in the final result.  So, it necessary to prepare well for this.
  3. Start with your strong topics, finish it off soon and then practice your weak ones regularly.
  4. You can divide the topics into four types like the ones you can solve easily, the ones you can solve even though it takes more time, the ones you knew but forgot now and the ones that you are unfamiliar with.
  5. First, take the topics you can solve easily and finish it off faster.
  6. Then, take the topics you can solve even though it takes more time and practice them regularly so that you can improve your speed.
  7. Then, take the topics you forgot now and study them again. This may take time since you have to familiarize with them again. But, with regular practice, you can be a pro in them.
  8. Lastly, take the topics you don’t know and study them strategically. Study the important topics with more weight age since SBI PO has sectional cut offs.
  9. Concentrate on important topics like data integration, number series, quadratic equations, approximation, ratio and proportions, percentages, inequalities, puzzles, seating arrangements, coding and decoding, syllogism, close test, vocabulary, etc.
  10. Focus on improving your reading speed, level of comprehension and vocabulary.
  11. Study commonly made grammatical errors to crack such questions.
  12. Do not study too many new topics at once in the last minute.
  13. Allocate time for each section and question. Do not deviate from it.
  14. Learn multiplication tables till 20, squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots for numbers up to 30.
  15. You can solve previous year’s question papers.
  16. Know about Indian states, capitals, CM, Governors, Presidents, recently discussed amendments and acts, names of organizations, their CEOs, HQs, etc for general awareness.
  17. For more details about SBI PO, you can check this out IBPS Clerk
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