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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Federal Bank PO Test Series- How to study more effectively

To cracking federal bank exam successfully you need proper preparation strategy according exam pattern and syllabus. Never follow lots of study material and huge book. Always prefer smart study and more efficient study sessions, and eventually, better grades! And prefer standard book.

Keep highlighters, sticky notes, colored pens and markers with you while taking notes. Use these to help you remember. For instance, use index of highlighters and highlight most important, important or extra information using the index so that when you look back at your notes, you will know what to study. Write important information in a sticky notes or flashcards and stick it over your room or even your binder. This helps you remember.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

  1. Create a proper study plan
  2. Find a quiet learning spot with minimal distractions
  3. Get in a activist state of mind
  4. Perform a supply reconnaissance
Studying Smarter

  1. Play a recall game
  2. Quiz yourself
  3. Study in intervals
  4. Use as numerous senses as possible
Using Notes to Study

  1. Outline the information you need to learn
  2. Put other people’s notes or outlines in your own words
  3. Rewrite your own notes
  4. Try the Cornell note-taking method
  5. Use your notes to teach someone
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