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Testbag:- SSC Online Test Series and Mock Test Feature

SSC Online Test Series and Mock Test by Testbag
Online Exam Preparation for SSC Exam, Chapter Tests , Topic Tests, Sectional Tests & Full Length Tests for SSC CGL Tier I & Tier II, SSC CHSL (SSC 10+2), SSC MTS (Multi Tasking Staff), SSC Scientific Assistant & SSC Stenographer. Free Mock Tests & All India Ranks & Report Analysis available.More than 450 Online test Series
Testbag Provide More than 30000 questions and Online Test Series for SSC Exam like SSC CGL Tier I & Tier II, SSC CHSL (SSC 10+2), SSC MTS (Multi Tasking Staff) & SSC Stenographer, SSC Scientific Assistant. All Test are based on New Exam Pattern & Syllabus.
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What the student gets ?
Exam Analyser : Details on Exam, Syllabus, Exam Analysis, Cut off Tips and more for SSC Exam
Question Bank with Self Assessor : More than 30000* questions subject wise, topic wise, chapter wise with facility to create your own test based on Parameters for SSC Exam. More than 3000* keywords / key concepts to create self-tests for SSC Exam
Exam Specific Topic Simulator : Exclusive, Unit Wise, Topic Wise, Chapter Wise Tests for SSC Exam
Mock Tests/Old Papers with Test Simulator : Complete or Full Length Mock tests - section wise and complete mock tests and old papers for SSC exam based on Latest exam pattern
Report, Assessment and Analytics : Test History Stored for each attempted test with individual assessment, analytics & Comparative Study
Comparative Study : Overall and topic wise performance compared with topper and average scores of all users taking same test along with benchmarking with previous exams
Management / Teacher/ Parent Interface : For immediate feedback and review of performance of each student on each topic taught
Click Here For Testbag Online Mock Test Series for SSC Exam 
Student Benefits in Detail :
Exam Analyser : has details of the respective exam. The Student has to go through the syllabus and define the weekly schedule to cover each topic. You have to master each subject, topic wise, step by step. Ideally, final practice for final examination should be around two months before the exam date.
Self Assessor or Topic Test : consists of multiple choice questions in topics and key concepts of the subjects pertinent to the exam. Everyday after studying the topic, master the same by simulating self tests on the topic or keyword with  sufficient challenge so that the student can bench mark his/her accuracy with time. Self Assessor will not only indicate individual student's level of learning, accuracy and speed on each topic but will also add a lot to the student's knowledge from its own knowledge pool on every self assessment
Topic Simulator or Chapter Test : module has chapter wise, unit wise and topic wise tests created by subject matter experts specific to the exam. Our unique stage process of filtering questions, ensures that only the higher order questions get entry into a specific module.
Test Simulator or Mock Test : has mock tests/ test patterns for respective exam. These tests are based on previous year patterns specific to the exam. They are also created by subject matter experts. Mock tests have fixed questions indicated topic wise in each mock test. The test pattern generates new tests every time by drawing questions from large knowledge pool based on exam parameters such as question number, types, topics included, level of questions, marks and time. These tests simulate exam like environment and provides first hand experience to have a feel of a real exam. It helps, put many unfounded fears to rest.
Reports and Analytics : stores history of each test taken with details of each attempted question with correct answers and given answers in all tests simulated by user to enable each user to monitor his/her progress and discuss shortcoming with teachers/mentors.
In addition there are analytics on test taken to enable learner to draw useful inferences accordingly.

 Click Here For Testbag Online Mock Test Series For SSC Exam 
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