Friday, October 5, 2018

NTSE Preparation Tips

The NTSE or National Talent Search Examination is one of the most important scholarship exams in India and it is quite understandable that every class 10th student atleast once, thinks to prepare for it. Here I am providing some tips and method on the basis of my best knowledge that will surely help students scoring high and crack NTSE exam successfully. As you know NTSE scholarship exam conducted under NCERT, so follow NCERT instruction before preparation.

NTSE Mock Test
NTSE Mock Test
Preparation: The plan of study for NTSE scholarship exam should not be 'Hour' based but should be 'Target' based. For e.g. to study for NTSE scholarship exam 10 chapters in 10 days is a set target. Analyze how a large amount time every syllabus/chapter/topic will take and devise a target oriented schedule accordingly; this examination will be unique for every apprentice.

Revision: Attempt more than 5 year papers and register yourself for NTSE online mock test and NTSE test series during the month of October as a revision strategy. Don't learn any fresh topic during the last months of NTSE scholarship examination, and revise formulas/ concepts from handwritten notes that you should have prepared during the course of studies. Don't aim to revise the complete syllabus from books as the syllabus is huge and vast, which may leave you confused.

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