Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tips for cracking JEE Main Entrance Exam

  1. Learn topic wise concepts and formula perfectly
  2. Maintain an own notes, which is easy to understand and revision for last time of examination
  3. Always prefer NCERT books in place of bundle of book
  4. Divide your schedule according JEE main exam syllabus
  5. Give more time on weak topic, subjects
  6. Join JEE main mock test to improve your speed and efficiency
  7. Practice some previous year question without help of answer key to boost your confidence level
  8. The question papers of JEE entrance exam made in such way that it will confuse you, don’t confuse, read question properly, understand and give answer properly.
  9. Know how to score high in JEE exam
  10. Make proper schedule and start preparation about it
  11. Fix daily target and complete every task about it and then sleep

JEE Main Test Series
JEE Main Test Series

At last there is no shortcut for cracking and to score high in any recruitment and entrance exam. Its required proper strategy plan and confidence is first step of succeed.

There are some step must follow before preparation

  1. Make a Schedule according your flexibility
  2. Know Syllabus and Pattern Well
  3. Start from the start
  4. Make Books your best friends
  5. Revise until you become wise
  6. Sample papers are never ample
  7. Give JEE main mock test
  8. Take necessary breaks
  9. Be positive


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